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Skate Quiz: 2 Skate Quiz: 2

Rated 0 / 5 stars

This review was more entertaining than this video

"the second skate quiz in the series, comment, vote 5 and enjoy"

Man, I'm so glad you told me how to vote because, damn, it was such a hard decision. Its a good thing I read your description or I'd probably still be sitting there staring at the vote panel and scratching my head. Of course, I think it might have been a mistake for you to ask me to comment, though.

First, let me say, I am impressed with your ability to take really blurry videos about skating, put them into flash, and then ask inane questions about them.

I especially enjoyed "which legendary skater was that?" a question that I couldn't answer even if the video was shot with crisp, future technology and I saw it on an HD TV the size of a bus...since the only skaters I've even heard of, nevermind recognize, are Tony Hawk and the guys from Jackass. But, see, you didn't stop there, you made the video hideously blurry as well, so that even people who actually followed skating couldn't answer the question unless they had aslo downloaded that movie from whatever skating site you got it from and then memorized it. Hell, I could barely tell he was standing on a skateboard. He could have been trying to squish a really ugly dog for all I know.

Oh, but it only got better from there. I could barely contain my excitement when I got to watch a 5781658716587 minute Nike commercial and then answer a question that had absolutely nothing to do with skating. I was really glad I guessed right the first time so I didn't have to watch that video again (well until your next question that I guessed wrong).

(I'm getting bored, so insert sarcasm here) and it was so great to get asked about what park that guy was in, considering that even after watching the video several times (thanks to wrong guesses! Hooray!) I found absolutely nothing in the actual movie to suggest where it was shot, unless it was written on that really blurry robot camel or whatever it was in the background while he rode know, the one that was on screen for like, maybe 6 or 7 miliseconds.

But thats ok, 3 correct guesses later (and several wrong ones too) and I finally reached the end of this glorious adventure...unfortunately, I blinked, so I missed the video and had to guess randomly on the answer (you know, because I had even the slightest clue about what the hell a "double wicked twist bluntjob nutslapper with raspberry and manbutter special sauce" or whatever those damn tricks were). Lucky for me, after sitting through the other videos again and securing my eyelids open with toothpicks, I managed to catch a glimpse of the video, thinking I could guess based on that what trick it was. I mean, hey, a heelflip is probably done with the heel, so that would be easy to see. Of course, again, you made a genius move and used a movie so blurry, I thought that some guy was doing riverdance on rocket skates while fighting ninjas. Taking your word for it that it was in fact a skater and he did a trick, I guessed again.

Now, I don't want to spoil the ending for anyone (so for all you people on the edge of your seat don't read this next part), but it was so great I just had to comment on it.

Well, here it is...instead of a movie with cool skate tricks, or I don't know, any kind of reward at all...I was greeted with a simple black screen with hot pink lettering (well maybe it was fuschia) saying "Congratulations...replay?"

I say, bravo. Seriously, bravo.

Cut and pasted for incredible emphasis. Kudos to that fellow Left Rights fan, mplindustries, for writing such a hilariously drawn out review for such an insignificant flash. It was definitely worth a laugh.

Mmmmmm I can pass movies with scores much higher than yours, and I'm afriad I have to agree with the guy with no flash.

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Pico's School remake Pico's School remake

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


This remake doesn't really do justice to the original. I can't give the sound any higher than a 0 because well, you didn't exactly find your own soundtrack, but rather stole from the old one. Even the music could have used a remake, I think.

There were a lot of things left out of this version that were in the original. For example, the conversation with the shit-slinger, which was the funniest thing in the original, is completely absent in this version. And you can't blow up the cop cars. That's a BIG let-down.

It's good, but it's no Pico's School.

Nene Interactive Suicide Nene Interactive Suicide

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I loved this cartoon

This cartoon is a classic, and I am happy to see it in the spotlight again. However, the standards for flash have risen considerably since, and this movie isn't the 10/10 it used to be.

Happy Pico Day regardless. It was swell to see Piconjo's name mentioned in a front page post. RIP Piconjo. Pico is just a Piconjo rip-off.

Train Robber! Train Robber!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


What fun sir. Though to be perfectly honest, it's got quite the score for what looks like a banner for your site. This is a fun little game that could kill a bit of free time. :)

When is your next big project coming out sir? And maybe you might know where Mr. Fulp has been? The front page has been the same for quite a few days now.